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Standardized, SEO Optimized, XHTML and CSS Web Designs

Building web sites is not for everyone. But once a site is
built, it is much easier to upkeep, and a little tutorial can
go a long ways. If your interested in having a web site
built, we offer complete setups customized to your needs. We
can also provide video tutorials, or possibly remote
conference, as well as many more resources to help you make
the most out of your WordPress installation. We offer web
design and development services for web sites of all kinds.
From designing web sites to setting up customized content
management systems and web site marketing, we are positive we
can help you and your web site in some form or fashion. Submit
your request below!

Prices listed are rough estimates. Actual cost will vary between niches, levels of competition, and level of customized details, and are subject to change.

WebGuru’s SEO Blog

This is basically my idea of a great WordPress setup. I will install and configure WordPress, customize a bunch of plugins, add a few more of your choice, and customize a theme with your choice of colors and a unique header with your logo. Then we will optimize everything for your niche and start spreading the word about your site.


  • WordPress and Plugins installation and basic setup
  • Choice of theme with minor customizations
  • some other plugins may be installed
  • logo/header image customization based on provided materials
  • upto 10 photos/images edited/customized
  • SEO, Basic Marketing, Local Marketing


Add a extensive self-hosted Autoresponder/Newsletter email feature
$250, Includes tutorial.

Want a more customized WordPress Theme?
$200-$400, higher depending on level of customization, detail, and difficulty

Having trouble getting traffic? Let us help!

Here are just a few things we could do:

  • setup link exchange system and get links
  • spread the word by social networking
  • use a trick to massive Yahoo traffic
  • get indexed by Google in 48 hours
  • get #1 position on Google for select key phrases*

SEO Deals!

  • SEO Silver

    • $400 – one-time fee
    • Link exchange setup
    • trick to get yahoo traffic
    • light article marketing
    • #1 on Google for 2 local market keyword phrases
    • Google ranking takes time, it could be a week to a month or more
  • SEO Gold

    • $800 – one-time fee
    • incl. SEO Silver
    • 25 link exchanges
    • more yahoo traffic
    • moderate article marketing
    • light social networking
    • #1 on Google for 3-5 key phrases local markets
    • Google ranking takes time, it could be a week to a month or more
  • SEO Platinum

    • Global Market – ongoing service
    • $1200 upfront, $125/month, first month free
    • includes SEO Gold
    • 100+ link exchanges
    • moderate social networking
    • moderate article marketing
    • acquire first page listings for 3-5 global keyword phrases
    • goal of six months, if six months reached, give 3 months free
    • no guarantees
  • SEO Ultimate Blog

    • Need a writer?
    • $2000 upfront, $500/month
    • includes WebGuru’s SEO Blog
    • inlcudes SEO Platinum
    • blog/newsletter, 100+ linkbacks (10x better than link exchanges)
    • acquire first page listings for 10-20+ global keyword phrases
    • goal of one year, if one year reached, give four months free
    • minimum guarantees

Want more? Contact me with details!

Remember, we are just starting this site. Not all developed yet. For now, leave a comment, send me an email, or call me:
979-224-5202 cell

We will soon have a form with: package selection list, cost/time goals, customizations/other

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