3 Steps To Get More People To Read Your Articles

Posted on March 12th, 2010 in Article Marketing by WebGuru

Three secrets to getting your articles read by more people is all in the title. Literally, it’s all there. The titles for your content are the first thing people see when clicking a link to view it. Here are three simple steps to writing great titles that will definitely get more people to read your articles, thus generating more traffic for your web site.

First, you have to use popular search terms, or keywords, in your titles so they show up when someone searches for those keywords. There are tons of variations on keyword phrases, and choosing the wrong one could lower the number of searches that match your keywords. Proper keyword research goes far to boost views and traffic, as well as examining competition and increasing search ranks.

You must also know there are a few types of headlines that work best. Here they are as best I can explain them:

  1. Lists/Steps/HowTo: this type is probably the easiest to get peoples attention.
  2. Comparisons and Reviews: many people search for specifics like this
  3. Do This: tell viewers exactly what to do
  4. Exciting News: nothing better than being the first to find out about something

Finally, you have to use words that draw on people’s emotions, draw on how it is going to be what they are looking for. There is a lot of marketing research done in this area alone, but here are some good examples:

  1. 5 Better Ways To [INSERT KEYWORDS]
  2. How To Easily [INSERT KEYWORDS]
  3. Three Simple Steps to [INSERT KEYWORDS]
  4. Sign Up For [INSERT KEYWORDS] Before It Closes
  5. Amazing [INSERT KEYWORDS] Goes Live Tomorrow
  7. Product A vs Product B

To get a better idea, visit some article directories and see what is getting the most views. See how the titles are worded.

Even with all these tips I’ve given you so far, unless your a natural writer and marketer, I bet your still not getting traffic. Keep going to see why your not getting tons of traffic from your article marketing (and it has nothing to do with quality content).

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