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Posted on March 10th, 2010 in Article Marketing,General News by WebGuru

So I know I haven’t been as active as I first intended, but I hope to change all that. To start, I’m going to focus on specific section of this site in order to build each section up to a level I’m happy with, starting with a few marketing tactics to get more visitors coming, followed by an extensive series on how I use all the WordPress plugins for optimal pages, placement, marketing, and monetization.

So the first set of marketing tactics are going to revolve around article marketing. However, as several sections will overlap as, several of the tips can and should be used in other areas too, and I will restate, interlink, and expand on them when I get to the other tools and marketing techniques I use.

This Article Marketing Series will be a cornerstone for this site, and among the first marketing methods implemented. They will make up the Totally Free Article Marketing section and soon that page will be set up as a gateway to them. I will practice the methods in these articles, to promote the articles themselves in the same way. These methods (and a few others) should increase the flow of traffic to this site, and with any luck, I can start seeing some revenue generated from AdSense clicks and a couple of affiliate products I recommend.

Following the series, your going to learn the “other” methods I’m currently using to promote these articles and more. So look out for more free tools and how I’m using them in the near future on!

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