Why Your Article Marketing Isn’t Generating Tons Of Traffic

Posted on March 12th, 2010 in Article Marketing by WebGuru

Even with a great title and quality content, you are losing out on article marketing traffic…unless you know how to work the bio box. It’s all about the bio (or signature area for forum marketing) that links back to your site. Like most failing marketers, you are probably putting a link to your web site, but you are probably doing it all wrong.

Don’t just put your link there and expect people to click on it. Why would they? They’ve read your article, got the information, and now they are moving on to see what else they can read to learn more. And that’s exactly where you catch them, with your bio box.

First, don’t put everything in one article, split it up. Leave them wanting more, and in the bio box, tell them where to go next. I know what some of you are saying, “Why not just put the affiliate link there, skipping everything else?” Because, one, getting them to your site and reading more builds trust, gets them to come back for more, and they’re much more likely to follow through when you do present that affiliate link, and two, putting your affiliate link out front is the quickest way to get rejected, if not banned.

So what do you write to get people to click through to your web site? Check out my articles and pay close attention to the very last paragraph. That’s where I always have a hook to get viewers to keep reading more.

Here are a few tips:

  1. the wording should get viewers to take action, as in clicking the link to find out more
  2. don’t link to your home page, provide link to a directly related page or post
  3. needs to provide incentive, why should they click the link? not just to learn more, pull them in
  4. don’t use the same bio for all articles, tailor it to get the current subject
  5. always use a keyword phrase in the link, it is after all a great backlink.
  6. That’s the end of this short series and you should see more traffic from your articles following these steps, but don’t think that’s all there is to say. To learn more about my article marketing tactics and how to generate tons of traffic, continue reading about Article Marketing at TotallyFreeWebSiteTools.com

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