WebGuru’s Free SEO Blog – Basic Setup

Posted on June 1st, 2009 in Make Money Online by WebGuru

As I said in my previous post, here is an outline of every step
I’ve taken to setup this web site. I will be soon have a free
tools package available for download that includes all the files
needed to duplicate what I have done. Included is a variety of
plugins and themes for WordPress and an extensive autoresponder,
Infinite Responder. A couple of plugins are my own and have not yet been
finished, but are functional for my purposes. I will explain
everything in detail in time, and there will probably be other
outlines with advanced steps to take also. But for now, here is
an outline of the basics.

Looking For Totally Free Web Site Tools?

Posted on May 21st, 2009 in General News by WebGuru

If your doing anything with a web site, you know there are tools. Professional tools, home user tools, expensive software, freeware…there are literally millions of different tools for working on web sites and adding features to web sites. Some really great tools can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The great thing is there are also many great tools that are totally free, and I have found that every tool you could pay for has competition that is giving away a similar tool for free. The goal of this blog and web site is to inform you about the many free tools you can use to accomplish your goals, instead of buying expensive programs, often with costly upgrades. Make sure there isn’t a free alternative first. In affect, we want to show you how to build an online business using free web site tools to turn any web site into a money making machine.

How to Build an Online Business

Posted on May 19th, 2009 in General News,Make Money Online by WebGuru

Hi, my name is Chris, aka WebGuru at TheGadgitech.com. I’m the guy running the backend of TheGadgitech.com, modifying and customizing the code behind this site, changing and modifying the theme, running the many plugins and maintenance involved with this site. And so far I’ve been a somewhat silent partner as we build this site. But I see the potential here and want to join in and take a more active part in what’s to come.

Now, I am not an expert, but I have learned a lot and want to share it. Please, if you have any questions, comments, ideas, criticisms… join the discussion in the questions and comments area at the bottom of my blog posts.

So on to the goal, of teaching you what I’ve learned. One of the keys to making money on the internet, as we do, is making these posts.So…

Welcome to TotallyFreeWebSiteTools.com! We want to show you the tools and techniques to use to build a money making machine. I plan to write about free tools to help promote your site and all kinds of things related to designing and developing a web site like this one, for free. There are so many areas I want to cover, like SEO and Blogs and Design and Social Networking and…I could go on and on, so this may even expand to other sections. But the major goal is to help you make your site the best it can be. There’s so many little things that make a difference, some small, some big. Come here to learn all the things we did to get where we are!

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