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Posted on February 5th, 2010 in General News by WebGuru

With Google’s latest release of their Chrome browser, one of the most noticed features is the extensions capability. IMO, this is the one feature that was holding Chrome back as a true competitor with Firefox, being that Firefox could be highly customized and extended with literally thousands of extensions available. With it’s super fast start-up time and the minimalist interface approach, I used Google Chrome only on occasion to look something up quickly or on the go. I used Firefox with all the extensions I could possibly want on a regular basis, and it served my purpose well, where Chrome lacked the many features I have grown used to having in Firefox.

Now that Google Chrome has the added extensions feature, and several Firefox favorites have already been ported, I think Chrome has a real chance of competing with Firefox for our attention. I know it has my attention and I’m using it just as much as Firefox now, though I’ve already got so much invested in Firefox and things already setup like I want them, so there’s no push for completely moving over to Chrome yet.

What Extensions Are You Using?

So I am an extension addict (plugins too, for the WordPress users out there), and the first thing I checked out after I upgraded was the extensions. I was impressed when I found several of my favorite Firefox extensions listed. I was further impressed with the ease at which managing them was. One in particular is awesome enough, a lot of my SEO research tabs have moved to Google Chrome! More on that below, where I list all the extensions I am using right now. But enough about my thoughts. What do you think these new features mean for Chrome’s competition? There is also some things going on with Chrome APIs, not to keen on what that’s about yet. Post your comments below!

What Google Chrome Extension’s Am I Using?

  1. 1-ClickWeather for Chrome – I’m a fan, and when I saw a extension and the vague idea I had from the text, I had to try it out, and I’m glad I did. It’s not all inclusive, and I think it could be expanded, but it does give a decent view of the current weather, radar image, and several links to key local area pages, including the Classic Animated Radar Map, which sold me.
  2. AdBlock – What more can I say, it blocks the ads. Firefox users will be familiar with this one. I’m very happy to see it here. A second plugin, Browser Button for AdBlock adds a button to the right side of the toolbar so you can easily turn it off if needed.
  3. Bookmark Tree – I searched for this one. It adds a yellow star button to the right side of the toolbar, which produces a drop-down list of your favorites in a folder tree view. I had been using the bookmarks bar for one-click access to some sites I used most often in Chrome (which before was few). This seems a much better option and frees up more screen space, I love how slim Google Chrome is!
  4. Chrome SEO – Here it is! This is the SEO tool that I liked so much I moved many tabs away from Firefox and into Chrome (sorry Firefox, I still love you). I used SEO Quake in Firefox because it was all encompassing and I could easily turn it on and off. There might be other alternatives like this, so please let me know. But this extension, Chrome SEO, gives the main site statistics I look at in a nice little drop down menu from an icon added to the right side of the toolbar, including page ranks, inbound links, and quite a few others, plus links to more. It only runs when you click it, so it isn’t hogging any bandwidth when you really don’t need it, which was the deciding factor in my case.
  5. Session Manager – Oh the joys! My Firefox would not be complete without my long list of saved sessions, of which I use three or four regularly. The absence of this feature has been the main cause for me not to move to Chrome. I have way to much going on and things I need to check out that I have to have my saved sessions. I haven’t had enough time to really test them out in Chrome yet, but I look forward to the experience.

Give Me More!

That’s it for now. I am sure I will add more as time goes, but I have enough to learn for now. You can find more extensions at You can also learn more about the plugins feature at “Google Chrome Blog: Over 1,500 new features for Google Chrome“. So check them out, and let me know what you find is great about the new Google Chrome!

If Link Exchange Isn’t Dead…

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WebGuru’s Free SEO Blog – Basic Setup

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As I said in my previous post, here is an outline of every step
I’ve taken to setup this web site. I will be soon have a free
tools package available for download that includes all the files
needed to duplicate what I have done. Included is a variety of
plugins and themes for WordPress and an extensive autoresponder,
Infinite Responder. A couple of plugins are my own and have not yet been
finished, but are functional for my purposes. I will explain
everything in detail in time, and there will probably be other
outlines with advanced steps to take also. But for now, here is
an outline of the basics.

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