Why Your Articles And Videos Never Get Views

Posted on March 10th, 2010 in Article Marketing by WebGuru

All the hard work you put into article marketing, video marketing, or almost any internet marketing for this matter, is wasted if you don’t have one thing. What is it?

You HAVE to have an absolutely amazing title!

Think about it. What do you look at when your looking through search results? What is it that get’s you to click on that YouTube video you thought was going to be cool but turned out to be just plain stupid? It was the title! Sometimes the description and other data weighs in, but the title leads.

Most people think along the lines that great content is going to drive tons of traffic. Sorry, but you are all wrong. You have to remember, people do not see the content first, they see the title. Your article marketing won’t generate tons of traffic unless your title grabs their attention and gets them to click through to view the actual content of the article.

This applies for any marketing methods, not just article marketing, but video marketing, forum signatures, blog posts, PPC campaigns, and just about everything else. You won’t get ANYWHERE if you don’t have great title’s. Your going to get overlooked and all your hard work is going straight down the drain and into the archives.

So my first rule of internet marketing is to use a killer title in whatever form of marketing your using. Without a title that absolutely grabs the viewers attention and makes them say “I HAVE TO READ/WATCH THIS”, most people will see another article or video next to yours, read the title, and click it because it APPEARS to be better.

Now before I get a bunch of comments saying it’s all about the content too, yes, the content behind the title matters even more. You have to back the title up with absolutely amazing content. Otherwise, viewers will make a subconscious note, and the next time they see your name next to the title, they’ll immediately think “oh, him/her again, even though the title got my attention, I know it’s probably crap”. So yes, amazing “quality” content has to follow your title, and you have to do this every time. Every thing has to be really good content that will get people to remember you and will come back when they see titles that aren’t so catching (as not everything will be perfect, it takes trial and error).

So that’s the Why, on the next page you’ll see How To Get Your Articles Viewed By More People by writing absolutely amazing titles.

Tracking Visitors – Your Most Important Tools

Posted on August 31st, 2009 in Make Money Online by WebGuru

If you don’t know anything about where your visitors are coming from or how many your getting, your missing out on some very key information. Tracking where your visitors come from is key to optimizing the way you promote your site.

Tracking visitors as they browse a web site can also provide a great marketing tool with many other great statistics. By helping you learn how your visitors view your web site and what gets viewed most often, you can tailor the site to best meet your visitors’ needs and better judge which marketing tactics are working and which ones are not. Tracking the number of visitors and where they came from can provide even more great statistics for determining popular pages, top marketing techniques, and much more.

What’s in a name? Choosing a domain name!

Posted on May 22nd, 2009 in Keyword Research,Search Engine Optimization by WebGuru

So you want to make money online. If you are here, then you must want to start an online business. The first thing anything online has to do is of course, have a web site. With out that your very limited. But what name should you pick? The first thing you need to consider is, “what are the key phrases people will use to find my site?” Why?

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