WebGuru’s Guides to Building a Web Site

Since building a web site is a very deep subject, I will split my guide(s) up into several posts, each covering a piece of the puzzle. There are many topics to cover, so I will also post outlines of different portions of the process, with links to other posts and more resources.

As this blog grows, I will add more advanced and more extensive guides and add more resources. This is literally everything I’ve done to build this web site. So for now, here are the links to posts covering what I’ve documented so far.

Setting Up A Blog

From picking a name to the first post – this is every step I’ve taken to build this web site – everything!

Spreading The Word

Sorry, Not Quite Finished With This One Yet
Now your set up, here’s what I do to get the word out.

Promoting Your Site

Coming Soon
There’s many things you can do to gain more traffic, here’s what I’m doing.

That is it for now. More to come soon.

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